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报告题目:TTbar Deformation of Stress-Tensor Correlators from Random Geometry

报告人: Masaki Shigemori


报告地点:吉林大学前卫校区物理楼302,在线报告(ZOOM ID: 853 2865 4803  Passcode: 369963)

报告摘要:We study stress-tensor correlators in the TTbar-deformed conformal field theories in two dimensions. Using the random geometry approach to the TTbar deformation, we develop a geometrical method to compute stress-tensor correlators. More specifically, we derive the TTbar deformation to the Polyakov-Liouville conformal anomaly action and calculate three and four-point correlators to the first-order in the TTbar deformation from the deformed Polyakov-Liouville action. The results are checked against the standard conformal perturbation theory computation and we further check consistency with the TTbar-deformed operator product expansions of the stress tensor. A salient feature of the TTbar-deformed stress-tensor correlators is a logarithmic correction that is absent in two and three-point functions but starts appearing in a four-point function.  This talk is based on arxiv: 2012.03972.


Career trajectory:

2004: PhD at UCLA

2004-2010 postdoc positions at Caltech and Amsterdam U

2010-2013: Designated Assistant Professor, Nagoya University, Japan

2013-2016: Designated Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

2016-2018: Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London, UK

2018- : Designated Professor, Nagoya University, Japan

Research interests:

String theory, quantum field theory, black holes

举办单位:William Hill


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