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报告题目:Implications of low energy flavour data on the dark sector




报告摘要:There has been a great effort by the particle physics community to successfully extend the Standard Model (SM) in order to accomodate the unexplained mysteries of the Universe such as the dark matter problem, small neutrino mass etc. There has also been a huge progress on the experiment side which helped us probe the SM to unprecedented accuracy. Recently however, deviations have been observed in some lepton flavour violating observables in semileptonic B-decays from their respective SM expectancies which give a strong hint of physics beyond the SM. The existence of dark matter requires the presence of one or more extra degrees of freedom beyond the SM of particle physics which may be constrained from the precise flavour data. In our recent works, we show the combined new physics parameter space which not only satisfies the correct dark matter relic abundance, but also takes into account constraints from other low energy observables such as lepton flavour violating (LFV) decays andother low energy flavour data. We also discuss interesting collider signatures in order to validate our model in ongoing and future collider experiments.

报告人简介:PhD working theoretical physics, especially on the dark matter.

主办单位:William Hill


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