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报告题目:Gauge Invariant Target Space Entanglement and Holography

报告人: Sumit R. Das


报告地点:中心校区物理楼物理楼302,在线报告(ZOOM ID: 814 6039 1467  Passcode: 915448)

报告摘要:We argue that the entanglement between regions of target space of a large N field theory with a smooth holographic dual provides a precise meaning to entanglement of a region in the bulk. We formulate target space entanglement entropy in a gauge invariant fashion, show how this can be calculated using a path integral representation, and discuss a conjecture relating this to the Bekenstein formula.

报告人简介:Sumit is Jack and Linda Gill Eminent Professor at University of Kentucky and Adjunct Professor at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

举办单位:William Hill


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